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FERC Form No. 6 (Annual Report of Oil Pipeline Companies) and Supplemental Form No. 6-Q (Quarterly Financial Report) contain comprehensive financial and operating information about oil pipeline companies subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Quarterly reports have been required since 2004, and are due within 70 days from the end of the reporting quarter (18 CFR §357.4(b)(vii)). Fourth quarter data is included in the Annual Report (See 18 CFR §357.2(b)(2)).

To see the complete Form No. 6 click on the Report Link. Beginning in 2001, the reports are in PDF format. From 1992 through 2000, most reports are images. Before 1992, most reports are only available on microfilm and copies must be ordered from FERC. If you need data for multiple companies or from multiple years, for a minimal charge we can extract the data quickly (usually within 24 hours) and provide you with a report.

Access to FERC Form 6 links for all years (1985-2011) is limited to our clients. Please call or email to get more information on our services.

If you are looking for oil pipeline tariffs, or you need oil pipeline rate or route information, please call or email to get more information on our services.

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PipelineDescriptionYearPeriodDate FiledReport Link
West Texas Gulf Pipe Line Company LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/12/2013PDF
Centennial Pipeline LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/15/2013PDF
Conoco Offshore Pipe Line CompanyAnnual Report2012Annual4/15/2013PDF
EPL Pipeline, L.L.C.Annual Report2012Annual4/15/2013PDF
Hawthorn Oil Transportation (North Dakota), Inc.Annual Report2012Annual4/15/2013PDF
WILPRISE Pipeline Company, L.L.C.Annual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Whiting Oil and Gas CorporationAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Mars Oil Pipeline Company LLCAnnual Report Resubmission2012Annual4/6/2015PDF
Tesoro High Plains Pipeline Company LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/15/2013PDF
NuStar Logistics, L.P.Annual Report Resubmission2012Annual5/30/2013PDF
NuStar Pipeline Operating Partnership L.P.Annual Report2012Annual4/15/2013PDF
Ohio River Pipe Line LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/15/2013PDF
Phillips 66 Pipeline LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/15/2013PDF
Red Butte Pipe Line CompanyAnnual Report2012Annual4/15/2013PDF
Yellowstone Pipe Line CompanyAnnual Report2012Annual4/15/2013PDF
Chicap Pipe Line CompanyAnnual Report2012Annual4/16/2013PDF
Ellwood Pipeline, Inc.Annual Report2012Annual4/16/2013PDF
Hardin Street Holdings LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/16/2013PDF
Koch Alaska Pipeline Company, L.L.C.Annual Report2012Annual4/16/2013PDF
Koch Pipeline Company, L.P.Annual Report2012Annual4/16/2013PDF
Minnesota Pipe Line Company, LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/16/2013PDF
ONEOK Arbuckle North Pipeline, L.L.C.Annual Report2012Annual4/16/2013PDF
ONEOK NGL Pipeline, L.L.C.Annual Report2012Annual4/16/2013PDF
ONEOK North System, L.L.C.Annual Report2012Annual4/16/2013PDF
Tri-States NGL Pipeline, L.L.C.Annual Report2012Annual4/16/2013PDF
White Cliffs Pipeline L.L.C.Annual Report2012Annual4/16/2013PDF
Dry Trails Midstream Energy, LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/17/2013PDF
GEL Offshore Pipeline, LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/17/2013PDF
Genesis Pipeline USA, L.P.Annual Report2012Annual4/17/2013PDF
Independent Trading & Transportation Company I, L.L.C.Annual Report2012Annual4/17/2013PDF
Jayhawk Pipeline, L.L.C.Annual Report2012Annual4/17/2013PDF
Keystone Pipeline Company, LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/17/2013PDF
Magellan Pipeline Company, L.P.Annual Report2012Annual4/17/2013PDF
Marathon Pipe Line LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/17/2013PDF
MIPC, LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/17/2013PDF
Osage Pipe Line Company, LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/17/2013PDF
Overland Pass Pipeline Company LLCAnnual Report Resubmission2012Annual4/20/2017PDF
Plains LPG Services, L.P.Annual Report2012Annual4/17/2013PDF
Portland Pipe Line CorporationAnnual Report2012Annual4/17/2013PDF
Shell Pipeline Company LPAnnual Report2012Annual4/17/2013PDF
TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, LPAnnual Report2012Annual4/17/2013PDF
TransMontaigne Product Services Inc.Annual Report2012Annual4/17/2013PDF
West Texas LPG Pipeline Limited PartnershipAnnual Report2012Annual4/17/2013PDF
Wolverine Pipe Line CompanyAnnual Report2012Annual4/17/2013PDF
CCPS Transportation, LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Chaparral Pipeline Company, LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Chevron Pipe Line CompanyAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Chunchula Pipeline Company, LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Collins Pipeline CompanyAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Colonial Pipeline CompanyAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Cypress Interstate Pipeline LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Delaware Pipeline Company LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Valero Terminaling and Distribution CompanyAnnual Report Resubmission2012Annual2/19/2014PDF
Valero MKS Logistics, L.L.C.Annual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Unocal Pipeline CompanyAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
UNEV Pipeline, LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Shamrock Pipe Line Corporation, TheAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Premcor Pipeline Co., TheAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Sorrento Pipeline Company, LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
SLC Pipeline LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Skelly-Belvieu Pipeline Company, L.L.C.Annual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Ship Shoal Pipeline CompanyAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Seminole Pipeline Company LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Kinder Morgan Cochin LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
MarkWest Michigan Pipeline Company, L.L.C.Annual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Mid-America Pipeline Company, LLCAnnual Report Resubmission2012Annual8/26/2015PDF
Mobil Eugene Island Pipeline CompanyAnnual Report Resubmission2012Annual5/3/2013PDF
Dixie Pipeline Company LLCAnnual Report Resubmission2012Annual5/24/2013PDF
Enbridge Pipelines (North Dakota) LLCAnnual Report Resubmission2012Annual7/22/2016PDF
Enbridge Pipelines (Ozark) L.L.C.Annual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Enbridge Pipelines (Patoka) LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Enbridge Pipelines (Southern Lights) LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Enbridge Pipelines (Toledo) Inc.Annual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Enterprise Crude Pipeline LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Enterprise Lou-Tex NGL Pipeline L.P.Annual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Enterprise TE Products Pipeline Company LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Excel Pipeline LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Explorer Pipeline CompanyAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Express Pipeline LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
ExxonMobil Pipeline CompanyAnnual Report Resubmission2012Annual5/3/2013PDF
Frontier Pipeline CompanyAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Hiland Crude, LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Holly Energy Partners - Operating, L.P.Annual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Mobil Pipe Line CompanyAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
MOEM Pipeline LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Muskegon Pipeline LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Mustang Pipe Line LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Olympic Pipe Line CompanyAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Plains Pipeline-North Dakota LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Plains Pipeline, L.P.Annual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Plantation Pipe Line CompanyAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Platte Pipe Line CompanyAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Razorback L.L.C.Annual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Rio Grande Pipeline CompanyAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Rocky Mountain Pipeline System LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Seaway Crude Pipeline Company LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Spire NGL Inc. (Laclede Pipeline Company)Annual Report2012Annual4/17/2013PDF
LOCAP LLCAnnual Report Resubmission2012Annual9/8/2014PDF
Calnev Pipe Line LLCAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF
Enbridge Energy, Limited PartnershipAnnual Report2012Annual4/18/2013PDF

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